Biomedical Instrumentation

       The mission of our research is to create new knowledge, new concepts and innovative technologies at the interfaces of life science and engineering, to advance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases at cellular and molecular level. Currently, the field has 12 faculty members, including Academician Yazhu Chen and Distinguished Professors Lisa X. Xu, Xiaojing Zhang and Xunbin Wei. Our technological focuses include techniques for physical therapy and medical devices, especially in the field of ultrasound and electromagnetic wave; thermo-physical studies of cancer; basic thermo-physics; synchrotron radiation X-ray-based imaging of tumor angiogenesis; influences of trace metals on tumor angiogenesis; design and fabrication of microsystems, semi-conductor chips, and microfluidics for biomedical applications in imaging; cancer diagnosis; and non-invasive monitoring of circulating tumor cells by in-vivo flow cytometry.

       In the recent five years, the faculty members of this academic field have made a number of achievements and scientific discoveries. The team led by Academician Chen has received 5 major research grants and had 20 patent applications approved by Chinese Patent Office. Prof. Xu and her group have obtained 3 national research grants, published 35 SCI papers, filed 1 patent, and received 1 research award. In 2012, Prof. Zhang was recognized as one of the '40 Medtech Innovators Under Age 40'. Prof. Wei was elected as SPIE Fellow due to his invention of In Vivo Flow Cytometer and his innovative research on optical trapping of circulating cells in live animals.