Guoyuan Yang

Dr. Guo-Yuan Yang is KC Wong Endowed Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering at SJTU. He received his M.D. degree from Shanghai Medical University in 1987, and conducted postdoctoral research at UCSF from 1989 to 1991. He then worked as a Research Investigator and Assistant Professor at University of Michigan form 1991 to 2001. From 2001 to 2008, he worked as Associate Professor and Professor at UCSF. In 2008, he joined the faculty of SJTU Med-X Research Institute as Associate Dean, and acted as a director of Chinese Society for Neuroscience. At the same time, Prof. Yang has been on the editorial boards of Stroke, Aging and Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases, and Chinese Journal of nervous and mental diseases. He has published more than 150 SCI papers with a total impact factor over 600, which have been cited over 3000 times. He has also been involved in the writing of seven books. Since he became a SJTU faculty, his research has been supported by Shanghai 'Pujiang Scholar Award', '973 Program', NSFC, and grants from Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. His research focuses on the mechanisms of cerebrovascular diseases and the clinical applications of the studies, which include: 1) Neurovascular units; 2) mechanisms and treatment of cerebral ischemia; 3) mechanisms and treatment of brain arteriovenous malformation; 4) applications of neuroimaging in cerebral ischemia; and 5) clinical applications of stem cells for cerebrovascular diseases


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