Guan Ning Lin

Dr. Guan Ning Lin is a Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at the School of Biomedical Engineering. He joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016. He received both his B.S. and M.S. degree in computer science from Baylor University (TX, USA) and Ph.D. in informatics from University of Missouri (MO, USA). He then joined the Department of Psychiatry at University of California, San Diego, as a postdoctoral fellow.

Dr. Lin’s main research effort has been the development and application of new analytic methods that elucidate the underlying network organization in multi-dimensional data, permitting integration of genomic and genetic data with phenotype data on a large scale. One area of basic investigation has been in the analysis of transcriptome data where he uses network biology approaches to understand brain transcriptome organization, which connects genetic risk for disease in autism to brain circuitry and molecular function both in human, and in vitro and in vivo model systems. The goal is to develop effective therapeutics for neurologic and psychiatric disorders, including autism and schizophrenia.

In recent years, Dr. Lin has published various research paper in high impact journals, including Nature Communication, Neuron, Cell, American Journal of Human Genetics, etc.


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2000-2004    BS, Computer Science, Baylor University, TX, USA
2004-2005    MS, Computer Science, Baylor University, TX, USA
2005-2010    Ph.D., Bioinformatics, University of Missouri, MO, USA

Work experience
2011-2016    Post Doctoral Fellow, psychiatric genomics, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA
2016-now    Professor of Special Appointment, School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Machine learning & statistical inference on large high-throughput datasets


address:教三楼 (Med-X研究院) 230室