Hong Xu

Dr. Hong Xu is a Professor at SJTU School of BME. Her research interests include preparation of composite nanoparticles with precisely controllable structures and functions as well as applications of functional nanomaterials for bio-detection and clinical uses. Dr. Xu has abundant experiences in surface modification of nanomaterials at molecule level. In recent years, she has successfully transformed several research achievements to clinic, published over 70 academic papers and applied more than 30 patents.



  • Controllable preparation of composite nanoparticles with precisely structures and functions.
  • Study on the interaction mechanisms  between nanomaterials and biomolecules
  • Development of high performance bio-detection methods based on micro or nano technology  for clinical uses.

Research Project


1) Hajar Masoomi, Yao Wang *, Xiaoxia Fang, Peirui Wang, Cang Chen, Kai Liu, Hongchen Gu, Hong Xu*, Ultrabright dye-loaded spherical polyelectrolyte brushes and their fundamental structure-fluorescence tuning principles, Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 14050-14059.

2) Si Lu, Ding Shengzi Zhang, Dan Wei, Ye Lin, Shunjia Zhang, Hao He, Xunbin Wei, Hongchen Gu, Hong Xu*, Three-Dimensional Barcodes with Ultrahigh Encoding Capacities: A Flexible, Accurate, and Reproducible Encoding Strategy for Suspension Arrays, Chemistry Materials, 2017, 29, 10398−10408. (Cover Article) 

3)Ding Sheng-zi Zhang, Yang Jiang, Haiou Yang, Youjie Zhu, Shunjia Zhang, Ying Zhu,Dan Wei1, Ye Lin, PingPing Wang, Qihua Fu, Hong Xu*, Hongchen Gu*, Dual-Encoded Microbeads through a Host-Guest Structure: Enormous, Flexible and Accurate Barcodes for Multiplexed Assays, Advanced Functional Materials, 2016, 26, 6146-6157. (Cover Article) 

4)Peirui Wang, Ping Xu, Pingping Wang, Lingling Deng, Hongchen Gu, Hong Xu*,  Improvement of Protein Immobilization and Bioactivity of Magnetic Carriers Using a Brushed Beads-on-Beads Structure, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , 2015, 7, 24390−24395. 
5 )Zhenyuan Qu, Hong Xu*, and Hongchen Gu*,Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of Poly((meth)acrylic acid) Brushes, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, 14537–14551.
6)Zhenyuan Qu, Hong Xu*, Kaimin Chen, Hongchen Gu, Ultrasensitive ELISA Using Enzyme-loaded Nanospherical Brushes as Labels, 2014, Analytical Chemistry, 86, 9367−9371. 




address:教三楼 309室