Yani Kang

Yani Kang joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2010. During the past few years, she has being involved in developing and applying cutting-edge high throughput genomic technologies to explore genome function.Her research interests include: 1) Mechanism of antitumor drugs; 2) Epigenetics in stem cell; 3)Transcriptional network in tumor cell. She has published more than 20 papers and carried out several projects by NSFC, 973 Program and SATCM foundations as a key staff or major participant.


1. Mao Z, Zhao H, Qin Y, Wei J, Sun J, Zhang W, Kang Y*. Post-Transcriptional Dysregulation of microRNA and Alternative Polyadenylation in Colorectal Cancer. Frontiers in Genetics, 2020, 11:64.

2. Xu W, Lu J, Zhao Q, Wu J, Sun J, Han B, Zhao X, Kang Y*. Genome-Wide Plasma Cell-Free DNA Methylation Profiling Identifies Potential Biomarkers for Lung Cancer. Disease Markers, 2019.2.5:4108474.

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5. Kang Y, Wang Z, Xie D, Sun X, Yang W, Zhao X, Xu N*. Characterization and Potential Antitumor Activity of Polysaccharide from Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis. Marine drugs, 2017, 15(4):100.


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