Dr. Jin-Ye Wang, professor of Biomedical Engineering and Team Leader of Biomaterials Lab, Shanghai Jiaotong University (2009-). Ph.D. of Tohoku University, Japan (1992); the Hundred Talent Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1999) and professor of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2000-2009); adjunct professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University (2003-2009), specially appointed professor of Tohoku University since 2018.

Work experience


1. 3D bioprinting ink, electrospun et al. for tissue regeneration (bone, cardiovascular tissues…); biomaterial-induced cell/tissue reaction and regulation.

2. Sustained, pulsatile, smart materials as drug delivery system; nucleus-targeting fluorescent materials for cell cycle.

3. Two or three-dimensional ordered structure (especially at micro/nanometer scale) and related material-cell interactions; biomembrane mimic by phase-separation and self-assembly.


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