Nano Biomedical Research Center

Nanotechnology is an emerging area which will have great impact on the future society. Based on the progress of fundamental chemistry, biotechnology and material science over the past three decades, the research dimension in these disciplines advanced almost with the same path into nano-scales. DNA, RNA, proteins has become the basic molecular standpoints for understanding biological phenomenon and process.
        As one of the main research branches in Med-X Research Institute, Nano Biomedical Research Center is focusing on synthesizing bio-compatible nano materials with various functions. The application areas include bioseparation, diagnostics, drug delivery, molecular imaging and tissue engineering. The integration of the above progress recently makes the nano materials the most potential powerful tools for biotechnology.

The major research directions of the center include:
Controllable synthesis of nano materials
——Preparation, structure and properties of nano materials
——Surface engineering of nano materials
Nanotechnology for early detection of diseases
——Sensitive nanotechnology for in vitro diagnoses
——MRI contrast agents based on nano particles for cancer and vascular detection
——Nano probe for molecular and cellular imaging
Nanotechnology for high efficient bio-separations
——Nanotechnology for cellular separations
——Nanotechnology for DNA/RNA separations
——Nanotechnology for protein separations
Novel delivery system based on nanotechnology
——Nano drug delivery systems
——Nano gene delivery systems
Tissue engineering scaffold based on nano-fabrication technology
——Tissue engineering scaffold and drug carriers based on electrospinning
——Mechanisms of interaction between cells and biomaterials