Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine and Clinical Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine and Clinical Translation, Ministry of Education of China

        Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine and Clinical Translation, Ministry of Education (ERCDMCT) is the first national center that focuses on innovative translational research and development of digital medicine, which was approved and passed the inspection by Ministry of Education in 2006 and 2011, respectively.

        ERCDMCT now focuses on the two main research directions: 1) medical implants design and manufacturing; 2) clinical technology and equipment, and has established three open R&D platforms, i.e. digital technology for medical implants, digital surgery technology and digital physiotherapy equipment development. With a 1500-square meter headquarter located in the Med-X institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), the ERCDMCT is building up an Industry-Academic-Research cooperation platform of digital medicine and clinical translation. This platform consists of a consortium of laboratories and institutes across SJTU and a clinical practice base in subordinate hospital of SJTU’s medical college to ensure the all members complement and share resources with each other.

        The ERCDM aims at advancing the critical and core technologies in the digital medicine, serving as the bridge connecting scientific research with clinical application and industrial development, prompting the top-ranking medical industry of China through application of new engineering technologies licensed under independent intellectual property rights.

        The ERCDMCT also carries out research cooperation with top international institutions, including Rehabilitation Institute of the University of Toronto, Medical Center in Leiden University, University of Leeds, Wayne State University School of Medicine, University of Michigan, etc., and has won the support of the National Science and Technology Department and International Cooperation Projects in Shanghai. The Centre has been successfully held orthopedic translational research and international seminar of cutting-edge technology since 2007, actively promoting this scientific field in China and improving the translation of research results into clinical application.

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